RadTran LLC specializes in nuclear technologies for the advancement of medicine and energy production. Since its inception, RadTran LLC has provided valuable services for a host of international companies in the development and commercialization of new technologies. Currently, RadTran is working to develop and commercialize its own new technology to meet a pressing need in the development of radioimmunotherapy treatments for cancer.

Our Technology

RadTran has developed a new approach for the generation of Ra224 and Ac225. These isotopes have been identified as the most desirable for TAT applications for both direct use and as prerequisites for two other leading medically-attractive isotopes, Pb212 and Bi213. Our patent protected technology enables the efficient extraction of target isotopes from naturally occurring stockpiles of Thorium 232 (Th232), a natural waste byproduct of mining, at a dramatically lower cost. The stable supply of material produced using our technology will give the pharmaceutical companies the means and confidence for the development of new drugs. Furthermore, it will also provide a scalable supply once the drugs receive commercial approval.

Applications for Cancer Treatment

Targeted Alpha Therapies (TAT) are on the cutting edge of cancer treatment. TAT shows great potential to treat a wide range of cancers with a greatly reduced impact on surrounding healthy tissues. The components required for TAT are targeting mechanisms to seek out cancerous cells and radioactive isotopes to destroy the cancerous cells in the body. Existing supply for the appropriate isotopes is very limited and methods for production are exorbitantly expensive and cannot be scaled to meet the demand as new drugs are developed and approved. This shortage of isotope material is a major roadblock in the research and development of new TAT drugs as pharmaceutical companies wait for a scalable and affordable production technology to become available.

Management Team