Ra-226 from U-238

Ra-226 from U-238 as a neutron activation precursor of Ac-227 or as a target in a particle accelerator (For the production of either Ra-223 and Ac-225 respectively)

The ability to concentrate Ra-226 from natural or depleted uranium. The collection of Ra-226 can be utilized for the production of Ac-227 via neutron activation, the parent of Ra-223, or to produce Ac-225 via the (p,2n) reaction in a particle accelerator. The collection of Ra-226 from uranium requires only a single separation.

Existing Process / Technology

There is a process now for Ra-226 from U-238 but the details are not publicly available.

RadTran Advantages over Existing Process

Ac-227 is used for the production of Xofigo (currently the only FDA approved TAT)

DOE has 10-year contract to provide Ac-227 to Bayer

Ability to Meet Future Demand

Other Applications